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Here at Combs Car Corral, there is nothing we value more than the opinions of our customers. If there is something that you would like to let us know, whether it be a compliment on our good customer service, a suggestion for improvement, or a situation regarding an existing account, we want to hear about it! Our promise to you is that we will review every comment submitted and respond in a timely manner.

First off if you have a job, or means of making money to pay “any” kinda payment..... they will work with you!! I used to clean there lot and always loved the way they ran things there. So much that I came back & snagged a nice whip off them!! & they worked with me!! Dude Combs is the spot if your legit about making some legitimate money and have proof, and the big thing is there good guys! they play the trust game. They will give you a chance. If you just give them a chance!

George Barnes

2 weeks ago I bought a 2007 ford f150 from combs. I delt with mark and montie, mark went above and beyond helping me find the vehicle that I was looking for. There was no pressure in buying a vehicle. Mark flipped me the keys to what ever ride I was looking at and said have fun. When it came down to what truck I wanted I dropped a thousand dollars to hold it and gave me a week to come up with the rest. When I had the rest mark was on a very well deserved camping trip. At that point mountie stepped up he helped me with all the paper work. (There was alot) but we got it done. It was far less then pain stalking. The whole process took about an hour. If I ever by a new used vehicle I will definitely go back to combs. You want a fantastic experience go to combs. But I will tell you that dont be like of of them dumb asses out there and only wanna pay 50 to 100 on a down payment. You get 3/4 of your down payment and they will really work with you. Go to combs for a new old ride. I cant say it enough fantastic company to do business with. Thank you mark and montie. Your the best....

Benjamin Wolfe

Purchase a 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor with Salesman Mark and Manager Monty. We are so pleased with the outcome of our transaction with Combs. Thank you also to Dennis for okaying the transaction.

Sandra Mooney

James was a straight shooter when we went to talk about a trade on a new to me vehicle. Never led us wrong and eas an easy transaction. Pleasure to do business and move forward in rebuilding.

Daja O'Very

I walked to the first row of cars and was just looking at styles and prices and James walked out and asked about my day. The car I was looking at sold itself. I had no hard sales and it was the easiest car sale I've ever experienced. James made the whole experience fun and I have a vehicle that I love and my price is right where I want it. Thank you, James!!

Katherine Benham

I went into combs car corral today not expecting to, but wanting a vehicle. Mark and Monte made it possible for me to leave within an hour or so with a new vehicle. They made it extremely easy and hassle free unlike some other places I know of. I can honestly say ill be back to buy another from them.

Jarrod Bray

Bought a 2006 Ford Expedition Xlt back in August 2018. JJ and Maddie were great. They took the time to help us out late in the day. They still worked with us even after they were closed for the day. It has been an excellent experience with them. Matt, the service manager is great. Had a few issues but were quickly taken care of. They have always been pleasnat with me. I would definitely purchase another vehicle from them.

Cody Allen

Mary Ann and Maddie are very helpful people and work with you whenever you need something. My truck is almost paid off and I would purchase another vehicle from them again.

Shawn Rosario

Thank you Monty Yeager and the whole amazing staff @ Combs Car Corral! U r the best! I would recommend Monty to all my family and friends for he went above and beyond to get me into a great car for very little money down. Everything was handled and a quick and professional manner! Five stars from me!

Sincerely Karla Thorson

Karla Thorson

I bought a car from these guys in October of 2017 and it's been a pretty good experience. These guys are awesome they are understanding when you are in a blind too as long as you communicate with them. I am very pleased with my car as well I love it. I would purchase from them again.

Kayla Ogden

Sinve i have had my car it has been on tue shop every single monthband comes back not fixed but with more issues...and i am expected to pay for these repairs that were made bit it's still broken...then i pay my car payment and on the very next day my car is repoed...i give them money to pay my car payment and they use it to pay something else which in turn makes your car payment not paid this place has horrible communicaton and play dirty be careful

Jake Mast

Went into your boise location and was greeted by the 2 most amazing people, JJ and Maddie, I was extremely nervous because of my situation and they made me feel right at home as if I was dealing with family. This is an amazing place and I would recommend Combs Car Corral to anyone in a situation like mine, i cant say enough about my experienc, amazing, absolutely amazing people to work with. Thank you, JJ and Maddie you guys are the best, once again thanks. 😘😘

Kathy Limon

Thank you so much for all the team members at combs car Corral in Boise for making my day! They were awesome and worked with me on a very great deal! Would definitely recommend anyone to come here to purchase a reliable and amazing vehicle to drive off with!

Brittany Quinn

Thank you so much to the Combs family as well as Vince my Salesman and Maddie the receptionist! You all are awesome and I appreciate you taking the time and approving me for my new truck today! This was a quick and easy approval and I appreciate the effort put in to helping me into this vehicle! Thanks so much again!

Micheal Hoyt

Just purchased my first veihicle at Combs Car Corral! Maddie, Mary Ann, and Tony made my purchase so simple and they were super friendly! It all started with Tony’s recommendation and everything went up from there!

Definitely recommend Combs Car Corral for any car purchases!

Lizeth Arteaga

Not knowing much about rigs I was suckered into buying a 4x4 trailblazer that was promised by sales rep worked, and now am stuck paying for a lemon... Credit was destroyed and am now facing the hard truth of paying off this piece of crap or buying a reliable car out right elsewhere? with the bitter reality of a repo hanging over my head. worst mistake ever getting into bed with these crooks! BUYERS BEWARE! do your homework and expect the worst...

jason mohl



I never write any reviews on anything for anyone, UNLESS THE PRODUCT, PERSON, OR SERVICE WARRANTS IT FOR BEING SO BAD.


I have ALWAYS wanted a lime green car. Nobody at the second chance dealerships ever have them and when they do they are so overpriced it makes them completely unaffordable. That or they vanish so fast someone with disabilities like myself can never get in before this happens! Usually the second chance dealers have granny cars, and this momma of 10 is no granny!

I was driving down Fairview and happened upon a car that caught my attention IMMEDIATELY.

Calling the dealership I thought to myself based on past experience that there was no way in hell I would even get the chance to test drive the car (lime green Fiesta), let alone bring it home with me in just a few short hours.

Enter JJ.

That man is a freaking saint! There must be magic in his fingers because nobody else in the entire valley put forth as much effort and grit as he did to get me into my dream car. Laugh all you want, but people like him are what make dreams come true. I have had three back to back stillbirths in 2015, 2016, and 2017. We couldn't afford health insurance, so our credit tanked in light of this. I thought there was no way I would ever have a lime green car, yet with just $500 down and my truck title to be held as collateral, I have the car I have always wanted thanks to him.

Enter his assistant Elizabeth. She put forth a lot of effort also, to get us this car pictured here. I would NOT want her job even if you paid me to do so!

Dennis should feel very blessed to have these two working for him.

Oh and hey, I don't even drink coffee, so no I didn't get a Starbucks card to write this. I call it as I see it.

If you find yourself in need of second chance financing with honesty that just won't quit in a dealer, look no further. Combs Car Corral is it.

Do yourself a favor and check them out, you'll be glad you did!

shannon linze

If anyone is looking for a good vehicle, I would highly suggest Combs Car Corral. I test drove several cars in Nampa where Vincent was very helpful and tried to get me the vehicle that would meet my needs. I also went to the Boise store where JJ helped me out. Once again, I test drove a few cars and decided on a great little vehicle. JJ worked with me on down payment, pick payments and actual monthly car payments that were within my budget. I am very satisfied with the service at both locations and feel very good about my purchase. I LOVE my new ride and definitely refer Combs Car Corral, either location, to anyone. You will not be disappointed. There is a reason that they have been in business for over 50 years.

Roberta Tubbs

Liz and JJ are seriously rock stars. They got me into my dream car within a half an hour. I would definitely recommend coming in and seeing what they have to offer.


Buying a vehicle is a major purchase, and Mary Anne from the Nampa store helped in so many ways! We are really enjoying our purchase. We were able to drive away the same day with payments to fit our budget. Buying locally is very important to us and Combs has the best customer service in the valley. Looking forward to buying again in the near future for our daughters first vehicle. Thank you Mary Anne for all your hard work in getting us in our new vehicle.

antonio salgado

Want to thank Vincent for helping us get into a vehicle and to Maddie for doing all the paperwork being a disabled Veteran it was nice to have friendly people take the extra time even after closing to help us and get us out the door in a PT Cruiser. Thank you a bunch from our family to yours Merry Christmas Guzman Family

Keith Guzman

Just bought my third car from Combs! I have always had a great experience. Thank you Mary Ann, Maddie and the rest of the staff your'e all amazing!

Steph Homer

Ive spent over 2 months looking for a vehicle and working with Vince. Tonight I finally found IT!!!! Maddie Vince and Dennis were helpful with this quick and easy process of buying this vehicle! Maddie was so quick and efficient with the paper work process we didnt spend all day here it was awesome! I would recommend the Nampa office any day! Thanks COMBS CAR CORRAL you guys ROCK!!

Millie Miller

madddie was such great heip. she is awsame.

lori miller

I Had bought a vehicle and the service was outstanding Maddie was very helpful and she was very nice thank you

Corey Flynn

Maddie at Combs I’m Nampa is amazing and is so helpful every time my wife or I call in.


I could not be more pleased with my car buying experience! Mary Ann and Maddie were helpful and caring, and they went above and beyond in helping me purchase a reliable vehicle. Thank you, Combs Car Corral, for helping me get back on the road! I highly recommend them for quality pre-owned vehicles.

Crystal Herrick

My boyfriend and I bought a vehicle from Comb’s over two years ago and have been nothing but pleased with our service and overall experience—especially thanks to the wonderful Tenisyn, who works in the financial Department. She is absolutely wonderful and always so friendly and helpful. We couldn’t be happier with the help and service that she has provided us!

Caitlin Walline

my service here at combs car corral has been exceptional Vincent has helped me with all my needs with getting a new car and establishing better credit. I feel I can come here for any need or problem that may occur. I appreciate the Great Customer Service from Maddie and all the staff at Combs!

joshua pallesen

Maddie is always there to help me when I make a payment and she always has a great smile I recommend Combs

winston goering

Worked with me in a bad time to keep me in my car instead of repoing it! Great to work with Lori and Maddy in this rough time! Thanks Combs Car Corral!

Jason Potter

this place is an excellent place to work with on getting a car. there staff is so nice. Maddie is such a nice and welcoming face when you go in and get help on your problems and very nice to me as a customer.

C'eirra Haws

Just bought a Dodge Dakota from here. I came to shop a couple times until I found what I needed and the salespeople both Vincent and Mary Anne were both really helpful and upfront about helping me get into a car. They worked with me on my down payment and I am driving away today in a great car for the money.

Tucker Deines

I just gotta say, I love good customer service. It's something you dont see a whole lot anymore. But Maddie at combs has excellent customer service. I love when she answers the phone to take my payment. Keep up the good work Maddie!😊

Sara Cary

Maddie and Vincent were gracious enough to loan me a vehicle directly off there fleet. This is the second time they have done so and it is very much appreciated. My experience has been very great with combs so far 🙂

matthew mortensen

Recently my husband and I purchased a new car from Combs and had some unforeseen circumstances occur. Because of the awesome service at Combs Car Corral, we were able to get back into our trade-in clean and clear. We'll totally recommend Combs to anyone looking for a new car. They know how to treat their customers and we'll be back when the time is right.

Jennifer Koskie

Unfortunately, my family, and myself, was in a car accident in a vehicle that was financed less than one year ago. The result of the accident was a total of my previous vehicle. The individual that was at fault had insurance that covered the value of the vehicle, and we had a GAP policy that, essentially, paid the totaled vehicle loan to a zero balance. Our insurance supplied us with an equal-sized rental vehicle, but as soon as the total was declared, we were given a limited timeframe to return the rental vehicle. Even though our previous loan was considered a “wash“, the time that it takes for these circumstances to report on an individual credit report dictated that we would not be able to, realistically, finance another vehicle through our bank because it would have shown as a request for three vehicle loans while the payoff process from the GAP policy and the offender’s insurance pay off would take up to two months to register.

We went to Combs Car Corral because we needed a good, reliable vehicle immediately, but we did not have the cash to purchase something worthwhile, out-right and in full. The program that Combs Car Corral offers worked perfectly with our situation. We, actually, stopped at both locations, the one in Boise and the one in Nampa, and the location in Nampa had a very diverse selection. The sales representative, Mary Ann Simpson, greeted us and was very patient while we test drove many vehicles. However, the first vehicle that we test drove was one that she directed us to immediately, and she was right – – that was the one we wanted. There was a very painless down payment, haggling process, interest rate, and reasonable monthly payment agreed-upon for the vehicle. Maddie, the receptionist / service writer, drew up the official contract, and we drove off the lot with a like new, low mileage Volvo XC 90.

If anyone knows how the process at this dealership works, they would know that Dennis, the owner of Combs Car Corral, is the one that approves every deal that is done, and based on our situation, Dennis approved us for a fabulous deal.

Thank you!

Chris Evans

It was a wonderful experience from Vince and Maddie!. Very patient and helped with ever question. Thank you so much Combs!

Sindi Duback

I love the Chevy I bought from Combs in Nampa. What few issues I've had with the truck, Matt has been great about working with me on. Maddie and the whole team has been very nice and they truly care about making sure we're happy with our purchase. Dennis has some great cars out there!

Ben Chilton

Combs car corral has been really kind supportive and understanding with helping me when I was going through some big family issues. Maddie at the Nampa office helped me with talking to the GM about getting the service agreement to help with fixing the car while going through this big event in my life which helped me and my children so much!. From looking at cars to the support while financing the vehicle everyone at combs car corral is AWESOME!!

Sarah Lapioli

The reception staff at Combs are always so nice and friendly, Maddie is always so happy and helpful with whatever I have questions with! Thanks Combs Car Corral you guys rock!

Bonnie S

I have never seen a car dealership that’s goes out of their way to get you into a car.
Tina cares about the customers. This is my 4 th car from them and I wouldn’t shop anyplace else there payments are low
TINA you rock
Vincent thank you for getting me my ride

Kary Richards

Fina is one of the best associates you have @ the Nampa store, she is so kind and understanding, love her caring and personality, she tends 2 make your bad day into a wonderful day every time I call or go into give my payment. tnk u so much Fina for being a wonderful person.


Maddie at the nampa office is great! I call in every month to make my car payment. She's always very nice on the phone, always makes sure to send the receipt to my email. She does a great job.

Arianna Tomokane

This was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had!!! These guys are human! They went way above and beyond to make a deal work for me and I'm so happy with my car! Thank you Maddie and ROCK!!!

Heidi Anderson

Grest place very understanding people. Fina was an awesome help couldn't ask for any better help there thank you fina.

Miguel Aguirre

We got are truck form the Nampa store and I just want to say something about Fina she is the best when I call in to make my payment she is always so nice I just love talking to her, She is one of the politest persons I've have talked to in a long time.

Bonnie Vargas

Juan & Bonnie Vargas

omg I am sorry Mark, I just posted a review for the team at Boise and I said Mike....Mark was the great salesman everyone lol. He is the one that got us out of our problem child care into a much nicer one!

Jennifer Hartway

I have purchased a total of 5 different cars from Combs. Any problems, they were quick to fix. Only one car that I signed on for my son was a bit of a problem child, but Mike at Boise helped us get out of that and in to something much nicer. They also repaired minor issues with it free of charge. Liz at the front desk has been nothing but courteous and friendly every time I see or speak with her. Matt is great at seeing things get repaired quickly as possible. I have been meaning to write this review for some time, sorry it took so long. You guys have been great!

Jennifer Hartway

I would like to say thank you to Maddie at the nampa location she is always so nice to deal with always respectful and in a good mood She should teach a class on customer service lol thanks again Maddie

Chad Gaddis

I purchased a car from the dealership and couple weeks later as I start having problems they always take care of me with no charge I really appreciate that you guys were with me through this Matt he’s a lovely person like he always enter McCall’s give me information about the truck and always review Every time he was going to do to the truckI definitely recommend these guys thanks for everything you Guys I thanks Mary anneAnd Matt for everything the helping Me

Julian and heather Perez cervantes

Every time I call to make a payment, Maddie is super friendly and pleasant. It's important when you buy a car to know the whole experience will be positive which it is with her 🙂

Shane Wagner

I recently purchased a car from Combs in Nampa and I have to say the service we received was outstanding. Mary Anne was our sales rep, she was informative yet not pushy, the two neat qualities in a car sales rep. Fina helped with all the documents I needed for the purchase. She was amazing she stayed late to ensure my transaction was completed. Thank you ladies you made me feel like a VIP and For that I am thankful.

Jaime Conley

I would just like to let everyone know about the excellent customer service, great amount of gpod cars to pick from and easy processing of the paperwork. I highley recommend COMBS CAR CORRAL to anyone looking for there Dream Car.😎🏁

Cathy Shaffer

Maddie at the nampa location is the sweetest most friendly there! love coming in and seeing her!

Jess H

Very positive experience with this company. Maddie, at the Nampa site, is amazingly professional, warm, and friendly. I have no complaints at all about Combs.

Frederic Narbonne

I am so very Greatful for the wonderful staff at Combs car corral! Especcially Maddie & Lori, they are always willing to work with me, and i appreciate that so very much.
The world needs more Maddies!!

Leticia Gutierrez

I purchased a Chevy Suburban from the Nampa car lot for work and have had my truck for two and a half years now and have had no problems with it beyond the normal servicing Lori has been a fantastic person to work with and she's helped me out tremendously I highly recommend going to Combs car corral and purchasing a car from them it was easy to get my truck my payments are affordable and I really love my truck thank you so much for all that you've done for me

Roscoe Crawford

Maddie is amazing she is always so friendly and helpful, every time we go in to make a payment. She always goes the extra mile to help us.

Desiree Medina

HI I have,enjoyed my car very much the,people were very friendly and helpful I enjoy my experience with combs car corral I most definitely would buy from them again Debby Lambeth

Debby Lambeth

Maddie is great whenever I go in to make my payment she always has a smile on her face always makes my day going in there 😃😃

Austin Martin

Bought a car a few years ago great experience went in and did a payment maddi is always polite and gets me taken care of

Austin Martin

Went to combs car corral today . Didnt have what i needed but a lady named Lorie was very friendly and helpful.

lisa Ward

Mary Ann awesome to work with! I was in need of a truck and she got me into one, even taking my trade in off my hands! I’ve had financial struggles and Lori has been great to work with as well.

Deon C

I got a car at combs car corral in Nampa. ,2004 Kia sentro , Mary Ann was very nice. And helpful . . The. Staff their was nice and did everything they could to help out ..thank you combscarcorral..

Maria Luna

Combs is a great place to buy a car. They will work with you as long as you communicate with them. They have great quality cars for great prices. The staff is very friendly.

Katrina Miller

Hi, I recently bought a car from the Nampa Combs Car Corral. Vincent, and the rest of the staff were so helpful and worked with me to be able to purchase my car. Thank you so much for your help and answering questions!

Jo Allison

We would like to send a very special thank you to Ed Guzman he went above and beyond his job to get us into the Dodge truck we wanted so A Big Thank You Ed… And to all of the staff at Combs Car Corral!! You Rock Ed Guzman!!!!!!

Randall and Penny Rodrigues

I have bought three cars from Ed at the Boise office. Hes has done a great job helping my family with these purchases. He is always willing to do what he can to get you into a vechical that you can afford. Thank you Ed and the other staff members at combs.

Eugene Pierce

We bought a used 1999 Chevy Malibu and it ran great. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

Ryan Davis

We recently bought a car From combs car corral the customer service is absolutely phenomenal and they have gone out of the way since we have bought the car to go above and beyond to help us out. I would highly recommend anyone to them.

Ceirra Ferrier

I came in expecting what i have been told at many dealers and that i would need about 1000 dollars to put down or they couldn’t work with me. I came in and was greeted immediately by Andy and after taking a look around the lot I had a car picked out and approved that day with money down i can afford. Everybody was helpful and courteous and even fixed a minor issue i had while test driving the car immediately. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience.

David Riley

Just got a car from the Boise location.I was very pleased with the service I got and specially my sales person went above and beyond to get me the car I wanted with the payment I wanted…..Thank you Andy


The Salesman Jerry in Nampa took care of me, Helped me look at the vehicles and suggested what would be good for me, after test driving a few I chose a car and then he went to bat for me to get me appoved. I got a good vehicle and good deal.

Mrs. Wilson

I have bought several used cars and no place compares to the service I received from Combs. The customer service here is exceptional and the staff was amazing! They worked hard to help me find a car that fit my needs and the down payment was great! They also worked the payments around my schedule! I will definitely be purchasing all my future vehicles from them! Thank you to all the staff at Combs Car Corral! Keep up the AMAZING work!! I is nice to have a used car dealer that is honest and respectful.

Kelli Gray

I totaled my 2014 car and need a car bad, The Combs lot had so many good cars I could hardly pick one. The saleswoman was more helpful than any salesperson I’ve ever worked with. The cost was right but she made it better. The car had $1500.00 worth of brand new Michelin tires on it. Just like off a new car lot. I will recommend Combs to all to all my friends.

Daniel D. Shade, Ph.D.

I am a first time car buyer at Combs and from the start they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. My check engine light came on a week after I took it home and they got my car in and diagnosed in a day of me calling them. Lori went right to work asking the General Manager if they could assume the cost for me. I highly recommend Combs to anyon who is trying to reestablish credit an who wants an honest car company in their corner.

Ivanka Bennett

The Boise location is amazing! They were very helpful and very professional. They are easy to work with and always willing to help!!! Thank You

Steven W.

This is the best place to buy a car. The are amazing to work with. Im a single mom, they are always willing to help me when times are tough, even when the car breaks down they are there to help. Highly recommened the service plan it has saved me lots of money. If you are in Boise buy a car from Jimmy. He is the best salesman ever.

April Okke

I was a deal on car, I only had enough to save it, but life happened and in a couple days I need my money back. I expressed my urgency, rather than giving me the runaround. Within a few hours, I had my money back. The guys in Nampa really understand life, based on my experience I would do business with them when life is better, thank you for being you.

Kristopher Jenks

I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Combs and our wonderful sales gal Tonya. We had some money issues a couple months back and in turn we lost our car, but thanks to Mr. Combs he was so wonderful and willing to help us out and give our family a second chance. Thank you again now we dont have to worry about how we are going to get our family around. I would say to anyone, when you go to Combs you should ask for Tonya’s help she was so helpful and willing to go the extra mile so we could drive away in our new car today. Thank you Combs Car Corral on Fairview in Boise.

Angela R.

I have been very pleased with the care given to me when buying a vehicle and when ever need help was fast and very helpful. and sales people have always been helpful.

Linda Matlock

Comb’s has Been the best car place I Have had to work with. They are always good and fair. Second car I bought from them.

Michael Hyder

Love Boise location excellent service great sale person easy finance single mom love service agreement had my car worked easy to fix very reasonable maintance price highly recommend for everyone in need of vehicle.

Annette Broughman

Great service great people great prices will definitely buy from you agin! 🙂

Ronniesmommy2010 Boise, ID

I just want to say thank you for working with me so that I can keep my truck. With my recent medical issues I didn’t want to give up my only transportation because I am struggling financially but I did. Thank you so much for making it possible that I can get my truck back and manage to pay for it. It is a huge weight off my shoulders. You guys have helped me have more faith in whats goin on. Thank you!

Kim J.

Love combs. My husband and I have bought two cars from the Caldwell store. They have always been fair. We even got a TV when we shouldn’t have cause we waited so long to pick it up!! Combs rules!!!

Rochelle Kinney

I’ve worked with Combs before and was lucky enough to make a deal with them again! They are Awesome at giving 2nd chances to deserving people. I HIGHLY recommend Combs Car corral and Sales Rep Jimmy for your car search needs. He won’t stop till he gets you the deal you deserve! Thanks Comb’s for yet another incredible buying experience!

Kathy Derr

I was unhappy with a vehicle I bought here…lots of problems…but I realize that’s what happens sometimes when buying a used vehicle. The combs staff have stood behind us when money got tight and are helping us through this difficult time. I want to say thank you to them and would recommend them to anyone in need of a vehicle!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Mouritsen

The Combs auto sale at Boise are GREAT! I bought a 3/4 ton pick up from them. It started to over heat. I told JJ ( sale staff) and Ed ( Manager) about the problem. The Staff and the Mechanics have gone way out of their way to fix the problem. I have received EXCELLANT service from all involved. Thank You so very much, I have nothing but great things to say about Combs in Boise.

John Nickerson

I recently bought my second car from the Combs Car Corral Boise location. Matt, the service manager went above and beyond to make sure that we were well taken care of. He went out of his way to make sure this experience was accomodating for our individual needs. And for that I am grateful. Our salesman also deserves recognition for being personable, professional and a lot of fun to work with. Thank you all for the amazing care you took to make sure we left the lot satisfied.

Stacey Huffaker

Just bought a truck from Mary Ann in Nampa. She was great to work with. We did not feel any pressure at all but she was always more then willing to help us out with any questions or concerns. They also have a plan to keep up the maintenance on your vehicle as long as you are making payments! Thank you Mary Ann in Nampa!!

Andy Rogers


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