Community Outreach

Community Outreach Initiative

Having been in business since 1971, Combs Car Corral has been fortunate to be a mainstay of the used car industry in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.  Having been blessed with both great employees and customers alike, it is important to us as a company to give back, thus our Community Outreach Initiative has been born.

Fully launching in 2015, the Combs Car Corral Community Outreach Initiative program joins our previous and ongoing charitable endeavors that include donations to Reece’s Rainbow and God’s Helping Hands, among others, and aims to help those in our community find reliable transportation.  Qualifying individuals will be able to purchase a vehicle at cost with no down payment required, zero percent interest, no finance charge and a free service agreement.  For more information, or to submit a referral, please email


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New York Mission


100_9039I want to express my thanks for the kindness that Combs Car Corral extended to me at the time of my husband’s death. We bought a 2004 VW Jetta from them and we still owed a balance on the car. Combs was kind enough to allow me to turn the car back in with no penalties as I could not afford to pay for it after my husband died. I asked that the car be picked up because it was heating up on me and I was afraid to drive it. The car was picked up. I hated to see the car hauled away, It made me cry. A few weeks passed and I received a letter in the mail and when I saw where it was from I just knew that I was going to have to finish paying for the car. I want everyone to know what that letter said….. I was told due to my circumstances that Combs Car Corral would like for me to be able to keep the car and they would mark the contact paid in full. It was over 4K that I still owed. The heating problem has been taken care of now also. Combs did such a wonderful thing for me. There is no words that can express the kindness that they showed to me at the most difficult time in my life.

Go see them, they treat people excellent, even before this tragedy took place they took excellent car of us..

Sincerely Your,




My name is Charla and I am a participant of Comb’s Car Corral Community Outreach Initiative. I have been treated with respect and they are working with me on the payments. My overall experience has been positive and I would recommend Comb’s Car Corral to family and friends.




This is Merri from Boise and working with Combs  Car Corral has been a pleasure. From the salespeople to the office staff and the manager, our experience has been over the top. I would recommend Combs Car corral to anyone looking for a great vehicle and great customer service. We would definitely purchase another vehicle from these fine folks!  We give them a 5 star rating



Charitable Endeavors Beyond Our Community

Alaska 2015

In September Combs Car Corral was able to donate winter coats to the
children of the Minto tribe in Alaska.

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 Mission trip to Guatemala

In Spring and Winter of 2014, Combs Car Corral Owner and Founder, Dennis Combs, and a small team of helpers, traveled to Guatemala, visiting several orphanages where toys, school supplies and Bibles were given to the children.  In addition to visiting the orphanages, the team also prepared and distributed large sacks of food to locals in need.


Shoes for those in need…

Combs Car Corral has purchased 250 pairs of adjustable shoes from local company,” Because International” and its founder Kenton Lee. These “shoes that grow” will be distributed to children in need in Bolivia and Guatemala during the Spring of 2015.


Some Of Our Favorite Charities




 Combs Is supporting Canyon County Sheriffs K-9 unit

This Generation Ministries

We support Rons camp Nahshii in Alaska

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Backpacks we took to give away in Guatemala

 Giving 80 desks to the lost school in Tikal

 Jonathan Harmon lost both legs in Afghanistan. We flew him to Kansas City. No charge

harmon soldeier

Combs Car Corral is proud to be donating 100 turkeys to the Salvation Army, Thanksgiving 2016

 Combs Car Corral is happy to be purchasing pies from a local church for which all proceeds go to help the Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico this Holiday Season 2016


Women’s and Children’s facility in Nampa with there new fence and gate.